Food list

100g Grilled cheese Hermelin wrapped in bacon served with iceberg lettuce, toast and cranberries dip  119,-
4pcs  Fried Jalapeňos stuffed with cheddar cheese, served with sour cream 125,-


0,3l Strong beef broth with vegetables and noodles 49,-
0,3l Soup of the day  


500g Salad “Hradeček “-mixed green salads with fried chicken and cheese skew and yogurt dressing 169,-
300g Chicken Caesar salad with bacon, parmesan, croutons and anchovy dressing 159,-
300g Salad with grilled goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, rocket, dried cranberries and balsamic vinegar reduction 179,-
300g Greek salad with marinated Balkan cheese and olives 99,-


Main courses
200g Beef flank steak with herb butter 239,-
200g Bacon wrapped, stuffed pork tenderloin with sun dried tomatoes 199,-
200g Medallions of pork tenderloin with champignons ragu 169,-
200g Grilled pork steak with horseradish, mustard, fried egg and bacon chips 159,-
200g Fried pork schintzel served with gherking and lemon 129,-
600g Roasted pork ribs BBQ, horseradish, mustard, pickled onions, hot peppers and bread 239,-
200g Fried chicken stuffed with blue cheese and spinach 139,-
200g Spicy chicken pieces with vegetable 149,-
200g Chicken medallions with Champignon sauce 139,-
200g Fried chicken schintzel served with gherking and lemon 129,-
6pcs Roasted chicken wings served with chilli and garlic sauce, fresh vegetable  and bread 149,-
150g Fried cheese/eidam/ served with home-made tartar sauce 109,-
350g Gnocchi with chicken, leaf spinach, garlic, cream and parmesan 149,-
200g Beef MAX von BURG XXL size - beef burger /beef,lettuce,red onion,bacon,fried egg,cheddar cheese served with french fries and home-made tartar sauce 209,-
200g MAX von BURG XXL size - chicken burger /grilled chicken,lettuce,grilled zucchini,roasted pepper,cheddar cheese served with french fries and coctail sauce 199,-
150g Beef goulash with home-made potato pancakes, red onion and chilli 159,-


Children's menu
100g Fried cheese served with french fries 99,-
100g Chicken mini schnitzels served with french fries 99,-


Snacks to beer and wine
150g Beef tartar with fried bread, 6 pcs (upon request we can mix it) 210,-
150g Meat mixture"Devil" served with toast,bakeg with cheese,hot pepper 119,-
120g Homemade pickled cheese Hermelín 1pc 79,-
1pcs Bowl of homemade potato chips served with sauce as per your choice on the side (Cheese, sweet & chilli, garlic) 79,-


  Hot raspberries with vanila ice cream and whipped cream 69,-
  Pancake with Nutella,walnuts,chocolate topping and whipped cream 79,-
  Home-made pancakes with forrest fruit and sour cream 79,-
  Ice cream scoop 20,-


Side dishes
200g French fries 35,-
200g American potatoes 35,-
200g Mashed potatoes with onion 45,-
200g Boiled potatoes 35,-
200g Jasmine rice 35,-
200g Grilled vegetable 79,-
3pcs Home-made potato pancakes 49,-
2pcs Roasted potatoes with sour cream 49,-
1pcs Toasted baguette with garlic butter 35,-
1pcs Fried bread 5,-
1pcs Toast 5,-
  Pastry basket 20,-
Hot sauces
  Blue cheese sauce 40,-
  Mushroom sauce 40,-
  Pepper sauce 40,-


Cold sauces & other ingredients
  Homemade tartar sauce 30,-
  Garlic dip 30,-
  Sweet & Chilli 30,-


For the menu with detailed allergenicity, please ask your waiter/waitress Please note that for half portions we charge 70% of the full cost. Manager : Ivana Prokopová Free WIFI email : Kitchen is open until 10:00 p.m.